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Be Well A' La Carte Services

In addition to my Health Coaching programs, I offer a'la carte individual sessions to enhance your experience.


  • INDIVIDUAL HEACH COACHING SESSION - Get the personalized attention you deserve with one-on-one individual health coaching for immediate results. 

Your one-on-one personalized session will focus on your health history and goals. We will look at your current diet and lifestyle behaviors that may be blocking your success or readiness to change. We will focus on creating better choices and modifying health sabotaging behaviors. If you are interested, multiple sessions and discounted packages are available.


  • GROCERY STORE TOUR - Do you wonder what to buy at the grocery store?

This customized grocery store tour will teach you how to shop health-wise for your individual health goals. Your health coach will take you on a private tour and will actively engage and encourage you to explore the benefits of eating healthier foods.

Your health coach will help you move toward healthier choices. You'll discuss your favorite junk foods and ways to eliminate cravings.  You'll receive knowledge about planning and preparing simple healthful meals, understand portion sizes, introduce you to the benefits of edibles such as chard, kale, quinoa and flaxseed, and prove radishes_farmers_market_1.jpgto you exactly why you need to read the label on everything that passes your lips.


  • KITCHEN MAKEOVER - De-junk your pantry, freezer, refrigerator at your home.

Let's toss out the old unhealthy foods in your pantry, freezer and refrigerator and bring in the good to improve your health foods. Together you will  make your kitchen a healthy one by deciding what to toss and what to keep.  Your health coach will explain why this kitchen overhaul will boost your health. A Grocery Store Tour is a perfect addition to the kitchen makeover to assist you with restocking your kitchen with healthy alternatives.



feet_sand_1.jpgEveryone confronts stress and must learn how to deal with it. The good news is we have the power within us to correct or manage stress. Recognizing the symptoms of stress will allow you to address the source before physical or emotional consequences become overwhelming. Stress Management Coaching offers support to manage stress in your life, practical stress management strategies and techniques, a mind-body approach, and use of our em-Wave Stress Relief System. EmWave is a scientifically validated system that displays your heart rhythm patterns, in real time during your session, to help you create an optimal state in which the heart, mind and emotions are operating in-sync and balanced.


Each step will bring you closer to achieving your health and lifestyle goals.

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